Savvy Turtle Founder’s Bio:

Savvy Turtle Founder James D. Wilson is Chairman of Savvy Turtle, Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur, Drummer, Photographer, Violinist, Remodeling homes for Homeless Veterans, and an Avid Book Reader.

James D. Wilson was born and grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana, and got his high school education there. Being a child in a state with no parents, he had many struggles in his early life to survive. After a long period of struggles and patience, he joined the army to serve his country while also getting a Ph.D. degree in Astrophysics but unfortunately, he was wounded with a traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. Therefore, he needed to start everything all over again to start a new life journey.

Served in the US Army, Spent some time homeless, Busted his butt grinding it out through many long nights and failures to building Very successful and profitable Brands and Corporations. He says that,

“My great passion is volunteering in my local community helping people, Remodeling Homes for Homeless Veterans, Loving on our Vets, Visiting Saint Jude Children’s Hospital, raising money for Cancer, Answering the call when Make a Wish Foundation Calls and saving Sea life and Sea turtles with Sea World Cares.” – James D. Wilson

James is the Founder of Savvy Turtle, started creating his own company on 13 January 2000 to design and create his own clothes. He was inspired to create high-quality, accessible clothing especially T-shirts with everyone in mind. Empowering a community with knowledge, advice, and confidence is his mantra. He strives to create an uplifting and positive experience as fashion & tees should always be fun!

In 2003, he left Savvy Turtle and handed it over to his friends to manage because he went to serve his country overseas, from 2007-2019. He has been rebuilding Savvy Turtle and bringing it back from poorly running and managed while he was away. As his tastes evolved, he wanted to convey the lifestyle through unique products like t-shirts, something more than another cheap tee with the company’s logo or a t-shirt from an apparel brand that didn’t put any effort. He wanted something better, but it didn’t exist for him…so he decided to contribute to his company again and joined ‘Savvy Turtle’ in 2007 once again.

He is a powerful, creative, passionate man who believes that any goal can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and discipline. He is known for helping communities as well as for his innovative approach which provides valuable insight, motivation, and direction to his customers. He values diversity in all its forms and believes it’s the path to greatness. Developing his own clothing company ‘Savvy Turtle’ is his passion, dedication is his commitment and determination is the key to his success. He believes that,


In 2007, he incorporated the inspiring quotes into Savvy Turtle as he was known throughout Walter reed and in life.  To inspire people with quotes, he wrote on the spot to cheer people up and give them hope, not to focus on their injuries and it also allowed him not to focus on his pain from the injuries and it helped him forget that bad time in his life.

“Failing is needed in order to become highly successful, fail often and early before taking your training wheels off.”James D. Wilson

He wrote best-selling books for Savvy Turtle now and wrote best-selling books as a ghostwriter before. He also writes and publishes his own books and stays active in solving problems that will improve the lives of many people. When he is not volunteering or raising money for causes that are close to his heart or Savvy Turtle’s heart. He stays involved with the everyday working of Savvy Turtle.

James is legally Deaf and well versed in ASL, he can read lips and feel vibrations and can improv on the spot most of the time and no one ever notices. He lost his complete hearing in Iraq at the same time, he was blown up and learned how to continue the Savvy Turtle Brand while being deaf. He has been embracing learning how to sign ASL along with letting people know that he cannot hear. James once said,

“I’m like a chatterbox when I’m in pain or found someone who digs my conversation and challenges me instead of just nodding in agreement.” James D. Wilson

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